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Cineteatro Capitólio - Teatro Raul Solnado, located in Parque Mayer, is a major landmark in the history of the city of Lisbon and of the country as a whole. From the 1930s to the 1980s, it played a crucial role as a source of artistic output and as a city and regional cultural venue. The history of Parque Mayer and Capitólio is intrinsically linked to the political, social and intellectual trajectory of the capital and the entire nation.

From a programming perspective, it could be described as a multifaceted venue, one that held variety, comedy, jazz and fado shows, operettas and the circus, attracting an audience that cut across social classes. It was a vibrant social and cultural hub that acted as a platform for a generation of artists who left their mark on the history of the country, such as Raul Solnado, now patron of this renovated cine-theatre, José Viana, Beatriz Costa, Ivone Silva, Henriqueta Maia and many others.

Besides its historical role in the history of the city and the country, Cineteatro Capitólio - Teatro Raul Solnado is also internationally known for its architecture, as a prime example of the modernist style in Lisbon and classified as a national landmark since 1983.


Cineteatro Capitólio is reopening its doors for the first time in 30 years. The aim is to hold multi-disciplinary public and private events which respect its history and incorporate a new approach to programming that can attract a diverse audience, thus bolstering the national cultural offering, bearing in mind its unique qualities.

From the very beginning, the project has featured the collaboration of numerous institutions and partners that represent a seal of quality, confer recognition and dignify the theatre, constituting an essential starting point for the re-launch of the Cineteatro Capitólio brand, the communication of its patron, Raul Solnado, and, above all, the (re)discovery of this venue by a highly varied audience. 

Drawing on its unique and singular architecture, both in terms of its façade and interior, the theatre is suited to highly diverse show formats and events, particularly the versatility of the stage and the terrace, which permit the crossover of different art forms and a programme perfectly suited to the technical characteristics and capacity of the venue.

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